WQ Manual

*Terrible Junk Show is not responsible for any problems or inconvenience caused by using this plugin.

*Please delete the old version because the specifications are different from the old version.
Here is how to tell them apart.
The folder name of the old version: “TerribleJunkShow”
The folder name of the new version: “Terrible Junk Show”


Put WQ in the plugin folder.

Install WQ using aescripts manager app.

To do this manually, follow the steps below.

Create a folder named “Terrible Junk Show” in the following path.

Win: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects(version)\Support Files\Plug-ins
Mac: Applications/Adobe After Effects(version)/Plug-ins

Unzip the downloaded Zip to obtain the “WQ” folder.
Put the “WQ” folder in the “Terrible Junk Show” folder.

*If you already have a “Terrible Junk Show” folder, put the “WQ” folder there.

Start AE.

If there is a WQ in the menu/animation, it is successful.

How to use the included scripts

Check WQ.

By default, WQ_None (invalid) is checked.
Check WQ_MultiSelection or WQ_AeFolder.

For WQ_MultiSelection

Double-clicking on a layer will select all layers below that layer!

*It can be triggered by any layer, except for the comp and text layer.
If you need to use the normal double-click behavior, check the WQ_None checkbox in the menu. For example, when tracking.

For WQ_AeFolder

You can use a simple pseudo-folder function.

  1. Since there is no UI to create folders at this point, exit AE once.
  2. “AeFolderUI.jsx” is located in WQ/(SampleUI). Put it in the following folder.
    Win C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2023\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels
    Mac Applications/After Effects 2023/Scripts/Script UI Panels
    *The 2023 part should be changed for each version.
  3. After restarting AE, you will find “Ae Folder” in the menu/window. Click on it to bring up the UI panel.

With “ON/OFF” in the UI, there is no need to press the WQ_AeFolder check in the menu every time.

Press the Add button to create an AeFolder layer.
Double-click on the AeFolder layer, and all the layers below it will become shy and hidden, as if they were stored in a folder!

To the Script Authors

WQ is a plug-in that senses double-clicking on a layer and activates Jsx.

Jsx (or Jsxbin) can be increased freely within the WQ folder.
Please copy “WQ_MultiSelection” and “WQ_AeFolder” and use them as templates to create your original process.
Also, if you want to create a related UI, “AeFolderUI.jsx” in “(SampleUI)” may be helpful.

Below are some notes & tips.

■Jsx must have a unique name.
Only one Jsx with the same name will be loaded, regardless of the extension. And in that case, it is not guaranteed that what is read is what is on top.

■If you want to experiment with the Jsx contents, please use the “(NotToUse)” folder in the folder.
Since only the Jsx directly under the “WQ” folder will be activated, you can save old version scripts, etc. that you want to keep in the “(NotToUse)” folder with a number, etc. You can also create your own folders.

■If the file cannot be edited with administrative privileges, it can be edited by “copying the file to the desktop once, editing it, and then putting it back” etc.

■The timing of WQ menu name loading is at startup, so if you change the Jsx name after startup, you need to restart AE.

■If the return value of Jsx is false, the normal double-click operation of AE can continue!
For example, it is possible to easily add various branches, such as “return false if other than the shape layer” in the middle.
Also, you can do various things depending on your ideas, for example, “For this type of layer, do this operation and then continue with a normal double-click”.

The check can be turned on or off from the settings!
WQ manages which Jsx works by using a setting file in AE. This setting file can also be read/written from/to the script.
The section name is “WQ” and the key name is “ActiveJsx”.

Writing the Jsx name in this set value will automatically check the menu and make it ready to use.
The Jsx name above is the Jsx name you wrote in the “WQ” folder.
See “AeFolderUI.jsx” in “(SampleUI)” for details.

The process using the above setting file is not meaningful even if it is written to Jsx in the “WQ” folder. Please make use of it when you trigger it from a script that has a separate UI.

If a user manually switches menus, the script UI can know about it from the settings, but it cannot know about it in real time unless it is constantly monitoring the settings.

“WQ_” will be added to the menu name, but “WQ_” is not necessary for the Jsx name and the name to be written in the value of the setting.

If a name that is not in the “WQ” folder is written into the settings, all “WQ_” menu checkboxes will be unchecked, but this is not a problem, only that they will be invalidated.

Writing to and reading from the settings is done in memory while AE is running, so speed is not an issue. But because of this, depending on when the settings file is viewed, it may appear that values that should have been written are not written to the settings.

To authors who distribute or sell scripts using WQ

Please be sure to read the following in addition to “To the Script Author” above.

AE cannot load multiple WQ plug-ins.
So, there must always be only one WQ plugin, and it must be present in the “Terrible Junk Show/WQ” folder.

When distributing, please prompt users to do the following
Is there a “Terrible Junk Show/WQ/WQ plugin” in the user’s plugin folder?
If there is, just add the author’s Jsx there.
If not, install the WQ plugin and then add the author’s Jsx there. Or the author may prepare “Terrible Junk Show/WQ/WQ plugin & author’s Jsx”.

Of course, if the author can provide such an installer, that would be great.
Anyway, in short, please do not overwrite existing WQ folders or prepare WQ plug-ins in the author’s own folder.

The entity of WQ plug-in is “WQ.aex” in Win and “WQ.plugin” in Mac. In Win, “WQ.plugin” looks like a folder, or rather, it is a folder.

■It is also possible to do something like, “Wherever the menu check is in, change the value in the settings file to trigger your Jsx,” but in that case it is recommended to restore the setting at the appropriate time. Please see “AeFolderUI.jsx” in “(SampleUI)” for details.

■Give the Jsx a unique name. Users who can write scripts may have already created their own Jsx within WQ, so a name that is not likely to be used by other users and is of a reasonable length is preferred.

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