SWFolder Manual


By sandwiching layers between SWFolderF and SWFolderL, they can be manipulated like a folder on the timeline.


Active ON : Enable SWFolder in WQPro.
Active OFF : Disable SWFolder in WQPro.

Add : Add SWFolderF and SWFolderL to the timeline.
Select a layer(s) and press the button.
The layer is sandwiched between SWFolderF and SWFolderL.

Duplicate : Duplicate the SWFolder including the sandwiched layers.
Select the SWFolder and press the button.
Note that duplicating without this button will break the link between SWFolderF and SWFolderL.

Del : Delete the SWFolder.
Select the SWFolder and press the button.
The sandwiched layer is not deleted even if it is selected.

[ & ] : Move the SWFolder to the indicator, including the sandwiched layers.
Select the SWFolder and press the button.
It is possible to move a layer while preserving the time-position relationship of the sandwiched layers within the SWFolder.

Sequence : Sequence SWFolders.
Please select multiple SWFolders and press the button. Normal layers may also be selected.
SWFolders are sequenced in the order of selection.

Double click

No modifier key : The layer sandwiched between SWFolderF and SWFolderL is selected.
If the SWFolder and the layer are misaligned, the layer will be moved to the SWFolder position.

Alt (Option) : In addition to the no modifier key feature, the layer is collapsed.

Shift : Match the SWFolder width to the layer.

*The double-click targets are SWFolderF and SWFolderL.
Double-clicking on a normal layer will perform normal AE operations.

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