BtnHook manual

*BtnHook does not guarantee that all script buttons will be shortcuts.
*BtnHook cannot hook extensions and plugin buttons.

Quick Start

Put BtnHook in the scripts folder.

What you need to put in the folder is 0000_BtnHook.jsx and 0000_BtnHook.txt.

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2022\Support Files\Scripts
/Applications/Adobe After Effects 2022/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

*The 2022 part should be changed for each version.

Change the content of the text.

Change the contents of 0000_BtnHook.txt to identify the button you want to make a shortcut.

*Note that the script folder is on the system drive, so the text cannot be overwritten unless Notepad is run as administrator.

*See details below on how to write the text.


Select AE menu/Files/Scripts/0000_BtnHook.jsx and
Test if the desired script button is executed.

Register it as a shortcut.

It is the same as the normal shortcut registration.
In AE’s Menu/Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts, assign the shortcut of your choice to 0000_BtnHook.jsx.


■Notepad’s “Run as administrator”
Find Notepad in the Start menu, right-click on it and “Run as Administrator”.
Next, open 0000_BtnHook.txt in Notepad menu/File/Open.
This will allow you to overwrite 0000_BtnHook.txt.

It appears that you copy the text file to the desktop or other location, edit it, and then paste it back in.

■How to write text
ScriptName: Favorite script name
ButtonName: Button name
ButtonIndex: Write the button number.

Do not erase the tab space after “ScriptName:” “ButtonName:” “ButtonIndex:” because tabs are used to identify left and right.

If there is no button name, i.e., an icon button, you do not need to write anything.But do not delete the tab.

Button numbers start with zero; enter 0 for the first button.
What is a button number?
If a button name is entered, a number indicating how many of the buttons with the same name are available.
If no button name is entered, a number indicating how many of all buttons.
Button numbers cannot be omitted. Enter 0 even if there is only one.

■Shortcut Registration
If you are not using the existing shortcut X, then X is recommended.

When assigning scripts to shortcuts, the order is from the top of the scripts folder.The name BtnHook has 0000 added to it so that the order will not change if another script is added later.

You may change the BtnHook script name. but change the text name so that it is the same name as the script name.
0000 can also be turned off, but it is better to have it for the above reasons.

You can create another shortcut by copying the BtnHook script and text and naming it something else.

Points to note

To use BtnHook, the appropriate window or panel must be visible.
Particularly with regard to panels, if you close and reopen a panel, BtnHook will not work. you will need to restart AE.

The number of searches increases with each additional display panel or window that appears, which slows down the time between pressing the shortcut and its execution.
If you feel that execution has slowed down, you may want to try restarting AE.

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