Path Selection Mode Manual


aescripts + aeplugins manager app

Install using manager app.

Install Path Selection Mode using aescripts’ manager app.

Start AE.

If the menu/animation has Path Selection Mode, it is successful.

Switching modes

Let UI appear.

Click on Menu/Animation/Path Selection Mode to make the UI appear.

Switch modes.

Turn on the UI button to complete the switchover.

Simply click on a shape to make path points selection!

Tips & Notes

If you select an empty area while path points are selected, you can deselect the path, but the shape group will be selected instead. This is a specification of AE. If you click on the empty area again, the selection will be completely deselected.

It is not possible to make the path points of multiple shape layers selected at once. This is a specification of AE.

When shape layers overlap and are difficult to select, it is recommended to use “Ctrl + Up/Down” to switch selections with relative ease.

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